Today marks my debut in campaigning for a candidate in an election here in the UK. No, I’m not running for office... yet. I’m supporting my friend, the wonderful Councillor William Houngbo, the Liberal Democrats MP candidate for Kensington & Bayswater.

  Councillor William Houngbo

I’ve promised Councillor William that I would join his campaign trail before the elections, but numerous commitments have kept me from doing so. However, today, I decided to be here, despite the hurdles in the way. I told myself that I needed to be present, and I’m so glad I made it.

Councillor William speaking with a voter

In the relatively short time I’ve known Councillor William, I’ve discovered what a remarkable person he is. He has a big heart, always prioritizes the needs of others above his own, never complains, and ensures everyone is comfortable and taken care of.

Councillor William and the Liberal Democrats’ manifesto focuses on the recovery of the UK economy. They believe strongly that the UK must be part of the European single market and customs union.

Today is election day in the UK, and we’re still out campaigning. In Nigeria, we don’t campaign on election day, but here in the UK, it’s allowed as long as it’s not near the polling centre. 

The experience has been quite new for me as a campaigner. You have to download an app, register, follow instructions, and then access a list of registered voters to canvass. As a people person, I got the hang of it quickly, but trust me, it’s not easy approaching strangers, especially in a predominantly white area and an opposition stronghold. It wasn’t surprising when we had a few doors shut in our faces and received some odd looks. But there were also plenty of smiles and even an elderly lady who chatted with me for nearly five minutes. She had already voted, but it was clear she was a loyal supporter who wouldn’t have changed her mind even if we had reached her earlier.

What a day! I never realized I had the stamina to walk for hours, knocking on doors and campaigning. It’s been worthwhile, and I’m so glad I could step out to support a dear friend.

Look at Councillor William Houngbo, always so calm, gentle, unassuming, cheerful, and willing to lend a helping hand. He deserves all the support he received today from friends who came from across the UK to help.

I pray he wins.

Follow this link to his page