The University of Lagos Alumni Association, UK came out in full colors to celebrate their founding president, Mr. Adeyinka Afinni-Jegede (AKA Baba J), at the prestigious El Vaquero Mill Hill Restaurant in the heart of North London.

The evening was filled with memories, laughter, friendliness, merriment, exotic food, drinks, and great pictures. The celebration truly captured the spirit of camaraderie and love that defines the UNILAG Alumni community. The event was a testament to the strong bonds and enduring friendships formed during their time at the University of Lagos, continuing to thrive years later.

Baba J's 60th birthday was not just a milestone, but a joyful reunion that highlighted the shared history and bright future of the UNILAG Alumni UK. Cheers to many more years of unity, success, and unforgettable celebrations.